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Approved - Warren Crane

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:08 pm

id: Warren Crane
powers: although not a super human he does have influence in the government owning the craning company and being a golf buddy of most presidents his shrewd personality make him a powerful friend and dangerous enemy

appearance: middle aged male, Bahamian tan, roughly 6'6", chiseled features, walnut brown short hair gently wrapping around his face to a tidy short beard with matching French style mustache, soft brown eyes, often wears brown suit.

weakness: skeptical and often hard to work.

personality: firm strong with an underlaying gentleness, unless of course he does not like you then you are better off hugging a cactus

family: his family consists of his wife Ivy Alice Crane, adopted daughter Fern Riley, butler Charles son Jeremy (moved out) gardener Wilma (he butlers wife).

likes: golf business his family (including several hired servants) and politics

dislikes: most teenage boys (especially those lusting after his daughter), the "wrong sort of people", wet socks


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